How domain names affect SEO

How domain names affect SEO

The first stage of making a website is to choose a best domain name, after all you will need to decide what the subject matter is before writing the content.

The best kind of domain name to improve your position in the Google SERPs would include keyword phrase you wish to target. The domain name is the starting point for any search engine when deciding to list a website. You can see that it takes the domain name into consideration as it will bold the text in an organic search. The reason why Google takes such high notice of this information is that the domain name is difficult to change and therefore a very strong commitment to the keywords included.

In fact choosing the perfect domain name is one of the most important factors of SEO. This is not as a direct result of how important the domain name is to Google, but instead as an affect that the domain has to the on page SEO and backlinks to the site. For a start if your domain name includes your keywords you may be able to introduce these words easier within the main body of text. More importantly websites linking to your will tend to use the words within your domain, this can have a massive effect on your SERPs position.

Most web designers will advise using a hyphen in between each keyword. The idea is that the hyphen makes a clearer understanding of each individual word for Google to identify. However I would advise against this, not only do I believe this to make little difference, but you are also lengthening the domain whilst creating a more difficult name to remember. It may also prove to be more of an effort to explain your domain name or email to clients over the phone.

There is also the question of what kind of domain is given most importance. Generally most web designers believe that a .com or a .co.uk site is superior to any other types of domain, such as a .net. However once again I believe that this makes little difference knowing plenty of .net sites that draw in tens of thousands of unique visitors each month. When selecting a domain name I would purchase one that is suitable, with a .org leading visitors to believe that your website is an association / organization, a .co.uk specifically targeting the UK, and .com site for websites that have a global market appeal.

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