Work of Process

What to expect during the design process


Meet: Our agency offers a complimentary meeting allowing us to get to know you and your key company officials. We take this opportunity to learn about your needs and project goals by asking questions about your brand, competitors, creative ideas, and subjective preferences.

Proposal: The information we gather from our initial meeting helps us grasp your project so we can provide an accurate proposal, uniquely suited to your company’s specific needs. In our proposals, we provide information about our team members, project scope, itemized account of what we provide, numbers, payment schedule, and our working terms.

Project Start: When our esteemed clients approve the proposal we are ready to execute the project. We also chalk out the best possible timeline for design, development, testing, and services. We make a plan which we also submit to our client so they can always track the milestones of the project.

Data Collection & Discovery: In this phase, we consider your company history, mission, marketing plan, target market, and competition. We also discover an innovative direction to drive our initial concepts.

Development Phase: During the development process our team knows what the client wants, how the users of the services will look at the end product and also what results are to be achieved through the product. In addition, the team knows the level of internet security that would be necessary for the website.

Concept Refinement: Once our team is immersed in the development of the project, we encourage our customers to review the product and give feedback. On the basis of feedback, we modify the project while increasing our understanding of the client’s requirement and also ensuring that the customer gets what he wants.

Client Approval: After the final approval of the client we celebrate our achievement and also ensure that clients learn all the aspects of the product and whenever desired we offer further services.

Being Online: Once the approval is received we turn the product online and at the same time our clients start making most out of our products.