Leadership is a quality which can bring door of success at your foot. By adopting this quality you can be winner of tomorrow. This is a mirror of our efforts. This quality can not be develop at once. It is a long term process which came out by polish your skill & attitude day by day.

You must adopt these things to be a great leader in your life:

1.Best Performance: Always think beyond your expectation and satisfaction. To being best performer you need
a.Desire of Win

2.Democratic Behavior: Leadership has doesn’t mean only lead your team. For this you need attitude. Whatever you expect from your team, you must adopt them first/ Apply democracy in your life.

3.Vision: Always have your clear vision. Good leader always has ability to watch in future and make good strategy according to them.

4.Risk: A good leader must have risk taking ability. They always must have ability to born new thoughts.

5.For being a good leader of your tomorrow you must have characteristics of competition with your self. This mean is you ought to have best efforts for polish your skill more better.

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