Enhance Your Social Network On Twitter

Enhance Your Social Network On Twitter

The impact of social media is growing day by day. Today’s people are using social media platforms to reach out globally and enhance their social appearance and their network. It has become the cheapest way to have the attention of your target audience at your brands.

Today the latest trend has become “Tweets”. People are now addicting towards Twitter. They like to tweet about everything that they are seeing in their surrounding.

Twitter is a micro-blogging network which invites its users to answer a simple question: What are you doing? This question is answered in 140 characters or less. The interesting thing about twitter is that it is not a one to one type of communication tool, it’s a one to many communication tools. So, you can send a message out, instantly to an entire community ready to respond in seconds.

What you can do enhance your twitter appearance, I am sharing here some tips to build your social appearance better on Twitter.

  1. Use a custom background for your twitter profile. This will show that you are a professional and chances are there, a visitor to your profile may turn into your follower.
  2. You have hardly 5 seconds to convert a visitor into a follower, so make your profile as good as possible.
  3. Use your twitter URL at the end of each SMS(Short Messaging Service) from your cell phone.
  4. You can use your Twitter profile URL while commenting on other blogs.
  5. Use twitter ID in your email signature, so that your business partners or others will get to know that you are also using Twitter.
  6. Mention your twitter ID in your business cards.
  7. Link your twitter profile often. Add a link to your profile at the end of each article on your blog.
  8. Tweet about some informative news for your follower and inform them about jobs and help them to consult or mentor for their career.
  9. Deal with your twitter profile as you would care any other website. Send as much traffic as possible to your twitter profile.
  10. If you have a website or a blog, display the follow me button at the top or any other highly visible regions.
  11. When you tweet something worth Re-tweeting, then use less than 140 Characters. Because, if your twitter ID has 5 characters, then a re-tweet will add a @ symbol and “RT:” thus making a total of 140+1+3+5=149 characters. So use 125 or 130 characters. Tweets which involve breaking news or some offers/discount coupons or anything that you think might go viral in Twiter.
  12. If you have any other product, then you can get your twitter link printed on it.
    Ex: If you are going to promote your brand in the market by having a specific dress code, then stick your twitter Id there with an attractive image of twitter bird.
  13. Be helpful to other users of Twitter, so that they can recommend you to others.
  14. If you have a high number of followers, then run a poll. Make the poll interesting and request people to re-tweet about the poll.
  15. Get your twitter profile link featured on any famous website.
  16. Participate in twitter actively. Re-tweet others useful tweets and get their attention. If they also re-tweet one of your tweets sometimes, you will end up getting noticed by their followers, some of them may even follow you.
  17. Invite all your friends to your Gmail, Yahoo mail etc, and they are the most potential followers you can ever get.
  18. If possible, teach your followers about the use of Twitter and what re-tweeting is. By this, if your followers start re-tweeting your tweets, then your ID will appear in front of your follower’s follower, and you will get more exposure and high chances of getting even more followers and even more re-tweets.
  19. Make sure that your twitter ID is not too long, which will eventually add up to the 140 character of the person who is tweeting you or re-tweeting your tweets!
  20. Write some interesting articles about Twitter on your blog, so that, people searching for Twitter-related things find it useful and start following you.
  21. Try to involve in an interesting conversation with people having more number of followers. When the famous person or celebrity will reply to your tweet, his followers will see your twitter ID, if they find the conversation interesting, they may start following you and the conversation.
  22. You can put URL of your website or your blog in the section of “about me”. Write good quality of article there. By this way, people who check your website before following you may get interested in you, if they like that article.
  23. Use your twitter URL in other social networking, social bookmarking and social media sites profile page and any other online places where you have an account and space to write something. This will help you get interesting and targeted people follow you.
  24. If you have an online service, then use Twitter as another tool for tech/customer support. This will make the customers follow you inevitably!
  25. Do not use an annoying profile picture. Using your real photo or your blog logo/banner is recommended. Many people use the animated images, this is ok as long as it is not annoying.
  26. If asking question is one strategy to build the followers, answering others question is another way to grab the attention. If you are following a famous person and if he is not following you, then its the right time to start replying/answering all of his questions, as aptly as possible. By this way, you can get his attention. And you can also get his followers attention if you can make him reply to you quite often.
  27. Use a good twitter ID. Many people suggest to use their real name and most of the others suggest to use the business name.
  28. The simplest technique at Twitter is to follow others to increase your followers. If you do not follow anyone and keep expecting a lot of people to start following you, this will not work for everyone. If you are following people, then others will feel that you are open to conversation and you like to listen to others.
  29. Use some twitter client or twitter apps or twitter messenger. People don’t like to wait for your reply. If you reply to your follower’s question after 24hrs or even 2 hrs late, then they probably don’t enjoy your conversation. And eventually may stop following you.
  30. If you are attending a famous conference or sport etc and if you can tweet about the happenings live, then people can tend to follow you and re-tweet your tweets. Use hashtags and people will notice you while they are searching for the news of that particular event that you are live tweeting.
  31. An effective and worst way to increase your follower is to create an account with a celebrity name and profile pic and try to pretend like the celebrity. In a very short time, you will get a lot of followers. After you are satisfied with the number of followers, change the profile pic, bio, and the Twitter ID and behave normally. But don’t use this way. This is not an ethical way.
  32. If you are communicating with someone on other social media platforms, mention your twitter Id at the last of every feedback and post.
  33. The importance of time and days that you spend on twitter also matters. On Saturdays and Sundays, less people show their interest using twitter. People want to enjoy their life. They want to spend their valuable time with their family. So most of them will turn off their internet on these days.
  34. Make sure that you do not tweet every second of your online time. People will consider you as a spammer. Try to involve in the conversation going on as much as you can. If you keep on tweeting, without listening and responding your followers, they will start unfollowing you.
  35. If you are launching corporate video on youtube, then make sure to add your twitter ID in the video at the end or at the beginning of the video. If people will like your video, then they will surely start following you on twitter.
  36. You can list your Twitter ID on some Twitter directory services (likes www.twiends.com). Make sure that you opt into the proper category. These type of services facilitate to match you to those who have similar interests to that of yours. So you will get targeted followers.
  37. You can wear thsirt, which must have printed your twitter ID with a beautiful twitter bird.
  38. If you have some better idea to increase follower on twitter, Please write me at jai.lakshwani@gmail.com

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